5 Mistakes You should Avoid If You Stay In Lagos

Lagos is arguably the city with the most job opportunities in Nigeria following its establishment as the commercial centre of the nation.

However, most Nigerians find it difficult to move to Lagos due to the rowdiness and stressful climate in the state, even with this, some people still do.

If you happen to be a first time visitor to Lagos, here are 5 mistakes you must avoid in the city.

Paying a seller before collecting the goods

A different tactics is required when buying things from Lagos hawkers especially in traffic, it is advisable you collect the goods before paying the seller. If not, there is a possibility of them sprinting away with your money.

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Foregoing Buhkas for Expensive Eateries

People who eat at local canteens (buhka) will understand what I am saying. In Lagos there are always eateries for different classes of people. However, if you the type that loves locally made food, it is advisable you patronise bhukas around you because it will save you a whole lot of money. You will be surprised to know that people of high class also patronise bhukas.

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Trying To Confront a Lagos Tout

It could be a bus conductor or Bustop touts. Lagos street touts are the kind of people you should avoid, it is best to keep quiet and flee such vicinity. These touts have absolutely nothing to lose so it is best you avoid having a confrontation with them.

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Skipping a Queue

Lagosians are impatient, but if you meet a queue stand somewhere; could be an atm queue or Bus stop. It is best you join the queue orderly. Trying to bypass a queue Lagos will only get you embarrassed.

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Putting your Wallet In back Pocket

It is stylish to put your wallet or purse in your back pocket. However, in Lagos this can be a dumb move. Lagosians will take advantage of you being carefree and within a split second your pocket is empty. It is best for you to be smart and keep an eye on your wallet if you are in a crowd.  Also if you carry a bag, it is better you put the wallet in your bag and zip up.

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