5 Major Reasons Why People Are Scared Of Love

Falling in love for some people, is the easiest they could ever do, while for some, its an herculean task. I have come across a ton of beings who scamper at the mere mention of love and the reason for this, truly isn’t far fetched. While some people, will have nothing to do with love due to past experiences, others just would totally avoid it due to some gruesome stories they have been told.

Today, we will be discussing the top 5 reasons why people are scared of love.

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With Love Comes Other Things


For some people, they are of the notion that with love comes more baggage. And yes, truth be told, with love comes with time consuming activities which might be a no no for someone with a carefully knitted plan for their life. While some see feel good having to multi-task due to their work and new found love, others can just not spare that little time.


Fear of being rejected


Probably due to past relationship, some people will rather stay single than be in love which in a little time might reject them again. Yes, love at the beginning is all fun and ‘honey moony’, but once that phase passes, a few might begin to fear that their partner might suddenly not fancy them anymore.


Fear of losing touch with one’s self


Am certain some ladies can totally relate to this, with a new found love sometimes comes with wanting to please your partner and in no time losing touch with one’s self. Some people are just not up for that.


Fear of heartbreak


This remains atop most people’s list of not falling in love as they fear that the relationship might eventually not work out despite the time and resources spent on it.


Older relationship might end for the new one


Like I earlier said, new found love comes with wanting to please your partner, spend time with them which in turn might result in you forgetting to check up on family and friends. Some people, have to much going with older relationship to benching it for a new one.



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