5 Lessons Nigerian Politicians Can Learn From Donald Trump

Change they say is constant in life, and so also is learning, you don’t stop learning new things, for they shape and define you.

And since Donald Trump is making waves not just in the US politics but the world’s politics, it would be only wise our politicians learn few things from Mr. Trump, because believe me, we are way tired of their same old story and antics.

sometimes, I do ask myself “why do you support Mr. Trump, despite everything negative he has said about my countrymen and women”, and the answer is quite simple, he is making those statements because of his love for the American people. America has lost its greatness, so says Mr. Trump, and he is on a mission of making America great again. One thing I have learnt from the Trump character is saying the ‘truth’, don’t think, just say the truth, and that’s what Mr. Trump stands for.

If I can learn from Mr. Trump, so can our politicians, perhaps, they too can start their own journey of making Nigeria great again.

Here is a compilation of things Nigeria politicians can learn from Donald Trump, the leading candidate of the Republican Party in America.

Donald Trump
Donald Trump
  1. Citizens are tired of lies: In the presidential campaign of Donald Trump so far, no journalist have been able to pinpoint any lies in his statements. He tells Americans exactly how things are, irrespective of who he might hurt in the process.
  2. Be daring: Trump as we all know can be very daring, throwing shades at will to President Obama, Hillary Clinton and surprising of them all, Pope Benedict. Yet his pools don’t get affected. Nigeria politicians dare not, even when they are not in agreement with political gladiators, they act like “zombies” for fear of losing political relevance.
  3. Your people come first: Trump understands this clearly, and it have been his major push. He knows the average Americans don’t like immigrants, he knows that they are scared of losing jobs to foreigners and he tells them his plans in stopping these things from happening, thus endeared him to their hearts. Nigerian politicians are clearly aware that unemployment and epileptic power supply is one of greatest challenge yet they can’t tell us how to fix these things and be ‘our Trump’.
  4. Speak first and think later: now this is a tricky one, but it has always landed in the favor of Mr. Trump. So either he says right or wrong, the people acknowledge when he is right and ignore the wrong ones. Can our politicians be this honest, to the point where we trust their words without doubting?
  5. Politics is never a business: Donald Trump will always tell you that he is not a politician, and he won’t act like one. Which is true. Trump is one of the richest business men in America, he was actually very rich before he decided to run for office. With Nigerian politicians, the reverse is the case, they see politics as business. Numerous times when I interview some individuals and ask them, what they do for a living, surprisingly they answer “I am a politician, by profession”. As if politics is now a business.

In conclusion, I know most Nigerian politicians are not Pro-Trump like me, but like one of our popular African saying, “In every non-sense, there is a sense” so I strongly urge, that they look critically at the political rising of this raging enigma called Trump and pick the sense out of the non-sense in favor of we the citizens.


written by : Arinze Esomnofu

twitter: @arinzeesomnofu

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Arinze Esomnofu is a Content writer with Edliner.com He is not only talented but also passionate about writing and reporting as he has had some of his op-ed article featured in top Nigerian Online and Traditional media houses. He is also a freethinker on religious matters.

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