5 Jobs That Will Not Disappear Despite Technological Advancement

It’s the 21st century and the world seems to revolve around technological advancement. Even most of our youths have streamlined their careers to occupations that tally with technology. No one wants to be left out.

However, technology might have blindsided and diminished some jobs. There are still certain careers whose value remains indispensable.

This list comprises of professionals in their various careers who remain unaffected by technological advancement.


While humans pride themselves on being the most intelligent of species, we still have a mortality rate, and we still get bumped, bruised and diseased along the way. We will always need people to investigate and treat our medical conditions.


There will always be a need for education, and there will always be a need for people to do the educating. Learning is better done when its interactive and full of life and that can only be achieved with a tutor who is human.


Humans will always ponder our surroundings and how everything works. We need people to dedicate their lives to the cause and effects of our actions and our environments to deal with changes.

Barber/ Hair Stylist

People will always need to have their hair cut and groomed. Most people claim they don’t need barbers because they shave their own hair but beautification always requires an expert.


One of the basic human needs is food and, even though farming is increasingly consolidated, there will still be a need for someone to grow it.Someone who can  authoritatively monitor the growth and breed of plants. In farming, Human intelligence is an important factor.

NOTE: The jobs above can also be made less difficult with the help of technology


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