5 Jobs That Are Dangerous For Your Lungs

There is a saying that “Health is wealth”. This simply means whatever we do; our health should always be top priority.

Lungs is the most hardworking organ in a human body. its main function is to help oxygen from the air we breathe enter the red cells in the blood.

This simply means, lungs helps purify the air we breathe in. Every adult takes more than 20,000 breaths daily. So this means your daily job largely affects your lungs.

Listed below are jobs that you should really avoid because these jobs pose a great threat to your lungs.

Bartending and Waitress

Serving drinks in smoke filed rooms like clubs and bars puts you at a very high risk of having lung disease. Bartending is not a job to engage in for long because the more you are exposed to this substance the higher the risk of you having lung diseases.


According to survey, factory workers in their old age die of dieases related to lungs and kidney. This is because they have been exposed to contaminated air for so long and this has affcected the work rate of their lungs and as they get older the lungs get weaker. Factory workers can be exposed to everything from inhaled metals in foundries to silica or fine sand, which can lead to silicosis, a disease that scars the lung, or increased risk of lung cancer.

Auto Body Spray Painting

Despite the fact that the people working here wear face mask while working, they are partly ecposed to the chemical cotents in the spray paint. People doing this job are often exposed to chemicals known as isocyanates and polyurethane products, which can irritate skin, create allergies, and cause chest tightness and severe breathing trouble. They’re a significant cause of occupational asthma.


Firefighters go through a lot on the job aside from them risking their life by putting off wild fire,  they can inhale smoke and wide range of chemicals present in the building. Exposure to toxic materials and asbestos is a risk even after the fire is out. The International Association of Firefighters recommends wearing respiratory protective equipment at all stages of firefighting.


Baking is at the  top of the list of asthma-provoking jobs, which altogether account for an estimated 15% of new asthma cases in adults. Bakers stand a high risk of battling lungs diseases. Bakers who are exposed to flour dust are at very significant risk of developing allergic sensitization. An asthmatic reaction to enzymes used to alter the consistency of dough, as well as allergens shed by bugs, such as beetles, moths, and weevils, often found in flour, is common as well. Good ventilation and the use of a protective mask can help prevent illness.

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