5 Incredible Facts About Aliko Dangote

The name “Aliko Dangote” is not strange to Nigerians, in fact every African country is aware of who he is. Forbes named Aliko Dangote the richest man in Africa in 2015. Dangote has become a role model to most youth in Nigeria. Everyone start their prayers using his name, artist can’t stop singing about him.

However, there are facts about who Dangote really is and what he has been through before he became so wealthy. Some of these facts will amaze you… see them below.



Dangote started his business on loan

The mentality with Nigerian youths nowadays is “ get rich quick” without paying good attention to details, Many would think Dangote was born with a silver spoon why won’t he be the richest in Africa. It will burst your bubble to know that Dangote who started his business at the age of 21 had no capital of his own.

Dangote had to take a loan from his uncle Sanusi Abdulkadir Dantata, it was this fund that he used to launch himself into what we know today as Dangote group which has over 21 thousand employee.

Dangote has survived 3 Plane crashes

You know the saying, “you only live once” well Aliko Dangote is an exception. Most people don’t know that Dangote is a survivor! He has been involved in 3 plane crashes in his lifetime. He was first involved in a crash in London in 1983, the crash left the pilot dead and the co-pilot paralysed.

In 1996 Dangote was involved in a crash that killed his brother. He cheated death a third time when he was involved in yet another plane crash occurrence in 2008 when he boarded a one-way flight to Angola.

Dangote is an exercise bluff

He is the richest in Africa; yea what will come to your mind is “he probably doesn’t have time for exercise”. Well despite his tight schedule, Dangote takes time out for frequent jogging sessions. “Exercise is better than any medicine I can take. Exercise and sleep” Dangote said in an interview.dangote 1


Dangote has been accused of bribe

Most of the stories about Dangote are always positive ones because we all assume he is living a stress free life due to the fact that he has friends in powerful positions. Well that opinion is a lie. Dangote might have exclusive import rights because he is friend with elected officials. However, a feud occurred between Zambia government and Dangote cement following allegations that he tried to bribe a minister.



Dangote and one his daughters
Dangote and one of his daughters

Dangote has divorced 3 women

Dangote has had his own share of romantic sagas and heartbreaks Dangote has been married to four women and has divorced 3. Africa’s richest man also has 15 children. His first married started in May 27 1977, at that time Dangote was only 20 years old. His wife was chosen for him by his mother and uncle.


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