5 Important Signs It’s Time To End That Friendship


According to Wikipedia, Friendship is a relationship of mutual affection between people. Friendship is a stronger form of interpersonal bond than an association. With this explanation, we will be introducing you our article, 6 important signs it ‘s time to end a friendship.

Several times, I have been cornered by some people asking if they should end a friendship or not and truth be told, taking such decision is one hell of an emotional topsy turvy.

For so many people, friendship has made them and for some it has destroyed them in that spirit, we will be giving you 5 important signs its time to end a friendship, should you be finding it difficult.


Manipulative/Control Freak


There is nothing more beautiful and sane than being yourself with that one person you hold really close to your heart, heck, millions of friendship thrive on just this. However, the moment you realize that you have lost track of whom you were due to your friends being controlling and manipulative, its high time you end things.




Nothing spells good friendship than encouragement being present in it. We all need support and when such comes from a  friend we hold dearly, it means the world. Now, when it happens that you and your friend are jealous and constantly competing on who is best instead of encouraging one another, time to hit the road


Friendship is coming from just one end

For anything to work perfectly in a union, effort from both everyone in it, is a must. When it happens that just one person is trying to see that the friendship works, then, it’s best you just end things than be shown you are not  valued.


History affair


Most friendship today remain due to the childhood friendship factor. If the only thing you both have in common is a stale childhood history, where both of you are not living in the now, time to pack your bags.


No positivity contributions

When your so called friend is in no way contributing positively to your life, then what is the essence of keeping such relationship. A friend is to always contribute positively to every aspect of your life.










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