5 Ideal Business Ventures For Fresh Graduates

Youths nowadays are often confused about their plans after graduation. Many face the frustrating situation of moving round the city seeking a good job placement. The mistake fresh graduates make is not thinking outside the box to make use of resources they have to create jobs rather they spend years seeking a dream job.

In quite a lot of cases, those who are fortunate enough to secure a job receive below-average wages. Out of desperation, some have had to engage in jobs they are overqualified for. A majority of the people are in irregular employment, most likely in the informal sector.This is in line with a report released recently by the International Labour Organisation, which reveals that youth unemployment in most countries, especially the developing ones, is close to its crisis peak.

However, there are few business ideas that require low capital, as low as 50 thousand Naira to start up. Below are some start up business ideas that do not require bank-breaking capital and are easy to start.

Recharge Card Vouchers Printing and Selling

With a population of over 174 million people and mobile telephone subscription of over 120 million active lines, recharge cards have become one of the fastest selling products in Nigeria. This makes any business bordering on mobile telephony a lucrative one. The good news is that you can start your own recharge card printing business. recharge-card-generator-softwareThe printer costs about N38, 000, and you can start printing with Pins from N20, 000, and sell for all networks. That way, you will never run out of recharge cards or experience scarcity.





Baking/ Snacks Making

Around the streets, most especially in hold-ups, and you would see different brands of Plantain chips. The fact is: they sell very fast because people like chewing stuffs, especially when they are on transit. So, if you start the business of producing and supplying chips to shops and hawkers, you would make good money.

snacksThe major things needed are basic cooking and baking utensil which individuals like big frying pan, oven and the like, as well as ingredients and nylons and labels, which cost about N2, 000. With these, you are good to go.


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Taking pictures is a hobby most youth has especially the ladies, but photography is a hobby that can be transformed into business venture. All you need is Digital camera and few editing training. With proper networking, you will start getting invites which will in turn transform your business.photo

Interior Decoration

People want to beautify their homes and offices, but not all have the time. This job not only brings in money, it also gives you the avenue to explore your creativity in making homes and offices more beautiful and comfortable. It is a business you can start with very little capital, from the comfort of your home. Just learn the basics and find clients, and then you can start. As an interior decorator, you would meet a lot of people, and if you do your job well, they might refer you to other clients. This way, your business grows bigger and better.interior deco

Website Designing

Following technological advancement and the fact that many organizations are trying to be ahead of competition, Website Designers have become so much needed by corporate organizations, government agencies and NGOs, which are willing to pay quite much to get their websites designed. Some are also looking for website developers because of the need to constantly keep their sites updated and functional.

A website designing course can take a week or two, and you can get trained for as low as N20, 000. Then, if you are well grounded in internet activities, you can further the training yourself by looking up online for free software that can guide you better. You can charge an upward of N10, 000 for designing a website, depending on the type of website and who your client is.

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