5 Footballers Who Are Ex-Convicts

Footballers are very much human beings obviously have their naughty side but when you become a professional and have a lot of young ones watching you,you have to model your life in a way that would be pleasing for a young lad to emulate. Like I said at the beginning, they are humans and definitely have their other unpleasing sides which even makes some of them get purnished no matter what their status is.Of-recent, Sunderland winger, Adam Johnson was convicted for sleeping with an under-age and is currently serving a prison sentence.Is he the only famous player who has ever gone to jail? Hell No.Therefore here are five players who have been convicted for wrong doings in the past and sentenced, you can easily call them ex-convict.Joey Barton

1. Joey Barton


You can call him the bad boy of English football and one of the most controversial players in modern day football, Joey Barton is known more for his violent behaviour (both on and off the pitch) than his skills on a football pitch. Once a winner of the Young Player of the Year award at Manchester City; Barton’s career went downhill due to many altercations. From hacking opposition players, to poking a teammate’s eye with a lit cigar, to breaking a pedestrian’s leg, it is a long list of offences that has ruined his reputation.

The first time Barton was convicted was after a brutal assault in Liverpool. After having drunk a lot of lager (more than 10 pints), he got into an altercation with some youths in a restaurant which culminated in Barton knocking a man to the ground, straddling him and punching him over and over again. He then attacked a teenager by punching him and even breaking his teeth. Barton was sentenced to six months in jail for the “violent and cowardly act”. However, he served only two and a half months of this sentence and was released.

The second sentence was four months long after he admitted to assaulting his teammate Ousmane Dabo at the Manchester City training ground. Dabo had pressed charges against Barton after Dabo was struck from behind and then repeatedly struck in the face while he was on the ground, leading him to lose consciousness and suffer a detached retina. Barton also had to do 200 hours of community service and was even banned by the FA.


2. Eric Cantona

Eric Cantona kicking a fan in a football match
Eric Cantona kicking a fan in a football match

When Manchester United played Crystal Palace in 1995, few people remember why Eric Cantona was sent off by the referee (he was sent off for kicking Crystal Palace defender Richard Shaw). But everyone remembers what transpired immediately after the red card.

As Cantona made his way towards the tunnel, a Palace fan named Matthew Simmons confronted the French forward and abused him with some highly derogatory words. Cantona was certainly not amused as he launched himself into the crowd and directed a Kung-Fu kick at Simmons. He did not sotop there as he went on to punch the fan a number of times.

Cantona was arrested for assault. His sentence was two weeks in prison which was later overturned after an appeal. He ended up doing 120 hours of community service. He later admitted that it was a mistake but still labelled it “a great feeling” and that it was a moment that fans would treasure for a long time.

3. Tony Adams

Tony Adams (R)
Tony Adams (R)

The Arsenal defender and captain fought a prolonged battle with alcoholism. It was something that cast a shadow on his career since the 1980s when he was involved in night club brawls, fights with fans, falling down a flight of stairs which led to 29 stitches on his head and even playing a match whilst drunk.And it reached a nadir in 1990 when he crashed his car into a wall in Essex. The breathalyser test revealed that his blood alcohol level was more than four times the legal limit. He was arrested and sentenced to four months in jail. But he was freed after serving just half that sentence.It would take a few more episodes of unruly behaviour before he admitted to his problem and sought help to overcome it. He would later pen an autobiography Addicted where he wrote in detail about his battle with alcoholism.

4. Troy Deeney


Watford FC striker Troy Deeney, 23, was recorded by CCTV cameras kicking one of the victims in the head.One man suffered a broken jaw and another required 20 stitches as a result of the brawl in Broad Street.Deeney, of Chelmsley Wood, Solihull, admitted affray and was sentenced along with three other men at Birmingham Crown Court.They included Deeney’s younger brother Ellis, 21, of Polar Avenue, Chelmsley Wood; Oliver Brennan, 20, from Hazel Croft, Chelmsley Wood; and 26-year-old Marc Williams, of Stonebridge Crescent in Kingshurst.Judge David Tomlinson said CCTV footage of the attack, which happened close to the Bliss nightclub on 29 February, showed the roles of Troy Deeney and Brennan were more serious than the other defendants.The judge told the defendants: “Three men in particular were singled out for what can only be described as a gratuitous beating.Prosecutor David Lees said one student, who had suffered a broken jaw, might require plastic surgery because of the scars on his face and continued to suffer from flashbacks.Brennan was handed an eight-month sentence in a young offenders institution.Williams and Ellis Deeney were given eight-month prison sentences, suspended for 18 months.

5. Patrick Kluivert

Kluivert (M)
Kluivert (M)

Dutch soccer star Patrick Kluivert was convicted on Tuesday (May 14) of causing death by dangerous driving and ordered to perform 240 hours of community service.Announcing the verdict in an Amsterdam courtroom, judge Rob Blekxtoon, also sentenced the 19-year-old international and Ajax Amsterdam striker to three months jail, suspended for two years.Kluivert, who was not present in court, was given the community service order instead of a conditional six months in jail, Blekxtoon said, adding that Kluivert was also banned from driving for 18 months.

The sentence means Kluivert, a prodigious talent valued at close to 20 million guilders ($11.5 million), can play for Ajax in next Wednesday’s European Cup final against Juventus in Rome and for the Dutch national team for the European championships in England next month. He was in the Dutch squad named on Tuesday.At his trial, Kluivert denied dangerous driving but admitted that he had been going too fast before crashing a borrowed BMW into another car, killing the driver and seriously injuring a woman passenger in Amsterdam on September 9, 1995.Prosecuting lawyer Anton Schotman had demanded a conditional jail term but said he would not oppose community service.

“The court concludes that Kluivert was driving recklessly, at at least 89 kph (in a 50 kph maximum zone) before braking…and thereby caused a collision which resulted in one dead and one seriously wounded,” Blekxtoon said.The collision could have been avoided if Kluivert had driven at 50 kph,” he said.Kluivert had earlier said he was driving at no more than 75 kph (47 mph) at the time of the fatal accident, but eyewitness and police reports testified to speeds in excess of 100 kph (62 mph).One witness told the trial Kluivert’s car had briefly become airborne as it raced over a bridge just before the collision.In just two seasons at the top level, Kluivert, a local man and product of Ajax’s celebrated youth programme, had helped the club win two Dutch league championships, the European Cup, the world club cup and the European Super Cup.


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