5 University Degrees With Lowest Employment Potential In Nigeria

Truly in Nigeria there is no degree that guarantees one a job. The economy is so bad that even a second and third degree cannot guarantee a six figure paying job.

The labor market is already crowded; having the degree does not cut it, because you will need to sell your expertise alongside.

They say no knowledge is a waste but in this 21st century where technology is taking over, one need to watch out for some courses that are becoming stale and weak in the labor market.

General Arts               

General art encompasses everything from art history to painting/sculpture. These courses could fetch you a decent in the western world but here in Nigeria, employers don’t pay attention to people who hold a degree in art or historical studies.

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It is really sad to put Education courses on this list but the truth is employers in the education sector will rather give job to people with random degree than graduates with education degree. This and many other reasons have rendered the education degree useless.

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Religious Studies

Naturally students who study religious courses are spill overs. They are usually people who were unable to meet the requirement for other major courses so they settle for less. Graduates that hold degree in religious studies usually find it difficult in the labour market.

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Although you can argue that the federal government is making effort to diversify the economy by shifting focus to agriculture but this degree is still considered irrelevant, unless you are willing to start on your own.

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Sociology is a course that keeps you interested for the duration of 4 to 5 years while you study it. But the reality to this is that gradutes with this degree don’t get good jobs in Nigeria. They are usually overlooked for jobs.

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