5 Businesses That Will Thrive This Rainy Season

We all know it is that time of the year where you have to be watchful of what you wear and time your outings. The rain they say have no respect for man, to an extent is quite unpredictable, the weather forecast might stipulate that it will rain today but it will never precisely when it will start.

Our list today is for entrepreneurs, old or new that seek to invest at this particular time of the year, we outline the set of businesses that will be suitable for you to start. The businesses on this list are the ones that thrive mainly during the rainy season.

You want to invest in small scale? Here are businesses for the season

Cold Weather Apparels and Accessories

Starting a cold-weather apparel store can be a great option for those looking for a seasonal business. Everyone young or old will want to change their dress code which means people will be saving up to buy coats, head-warmers and the like. You can buy these products in large quantities and start selling to retail fashion shops and corporate offices. You can even hire sales canvassers and pay them on a commission basis.
Roadside snacks

In this rainy season, snacks like roasted corn, cooked corn and cooked groundnuts are in demand. Passers-by, pedestrians and drivers alike would always want to buy hot snacks to heat up their body and quell their hunger. Your target market should be in densely populated areas of streets with big pot holes that could delay traffic. As drivers slow down, they notice you and buy your snacks.

Tea Café

This market is not likely to be saturated if you decide to start this business. What innovations do you need to do this business? Simply make your tea joint look neat and attractive. Guys will park their cars, jeeps; roll up their sleeves and squat for a cup of steaming tea. You can entertain them with music. Your major target will include bachelors and spinsters, and also from the married groups and workers in general. Most of these people leave their homes early enough for work without having breakfast. Make sure your shop is situated where there is high concentration of people. Also make sure your customers have varieties of beverages to choose from e.g. beverages like bournvita, Milo, ovaltine, top tea etc. Also to boost your tea café, other commodities like bread, canned fish, sardine, noodles, soft drinks and water can be added to the list.

Car Wash Business

A lot of cars will get dirty in the rainy season because of splashes by mud. You are can to make cool money in the rainy season with this business. The amount you can charge to wash cars and trucks will vary with location and to how dirty the car or truck is. Normal car wash costs N300, but for interior wash, it can cost up to N800. Washing of engines cost up to N1, 000 which is also the cost for normal washing of Jeep. The cost for washing a truck can be around N3, 000 and a very dirty trucked can be charged N5, 000.

Make or sell Mosquito Repellant Lotions

You either choose to buy and resell or perhaps produce mosquito repellant lotions so repell mosquitoes which are in abundance in the rainy season. There a couple of different formulations you can make for your natural mosquito repellant. In general, what you are doing is diluting an essential oil that the mosquitoes find distasteful or which confuses them so they can’t bite you. The oil doesn’t mix with water, so you need to add them to other oils or to alcohol. It is important to use an oil or alcohol that is safe for your skin. You can sell in a small bottle after production for N100 to N300 depending on the size.




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