5 Business Ventures You Can Start With N20,000

Most People think when starting a business,the capital must run into six figures or more. Well it is not so. In a developing country like Nigeria coupled with the technological advancement the country has witnessed, it has become easy for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to grow and help revamp the economy. Most of this business ventures do not even require a graduate of highly literate person to start.

Without much ado here, are 5 SMEs that requires capital as low as N20,000.

Tutoring Services

This business requires little or no capital. The most important thing here is knowledge.Then, strive to ensure you brush yourself more in the subject you will be offering. Simply approach parents in your street or place of worship, talk to them and give them reason to hire you.

Third Party Data Service Sellers

This business requires capital in the range of 10 to 15 thousand naira. Third party sellers are people who buy data at subsidized rate from telecommunication companies like MTN, GLO etc and resell it at a cheaper rate to subscribers. Bascially all you need to do is connect to your friends or acquaintances who are ardent subscribers and give them an alternatively cheap way to subscribe. You can read more about it online

Pop Corn Making

For this business all you need is corn, butter, and ofcourse the popcorn machine which comes at cheap rate depending on the type you want. It is important to note that projected profit is promising and you need to choose your business location as this will determine your patronage. All in all the busnesss is easy to run and less costly.



What ability do you have? It could be you can write articles, edit articles, editing videos, graphic designer and so on. You can be a freelancer and offer your service in exchange for cash. Many sites are looking for content editors, graphic designer, and internet consultant and so on.


When you hear agriculture what comes to mind is big land, large supply of seedlings, but do you know that you can start an agriculture business with capital as low as 10 thousand naira? A friend of mine who resides in Jos will buy up to two bags of potato and any farm produce that is scarce in her area, she will then transport that product down to Jos from south west, she will sell them and in return make 50% profit. You can start small and in no time things will work out just fine.

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