5 Most Bizarre Sexual Traditions Around The world

Different tribes around the globe have established sexual rules and traditions which they made compulsory for every family to abide to.

This article contains sexual traditions that re beyond bizarre and strange, it will surprise t know that these traditions still goes on in some of these countries.

Women of the Guajiro tribe must make a man ‘fall’ to make love

Women in Guajiro town during a ceremony rally around for a dance. If a woman trips a man she must make love to him.


Indonesia Allow Marrried men to cheat during Pon Celeration

During pon celebration participant must have sex with someone other than their spouse. It is believed that the sexual act will bring them good-luck.

Wodaabe Tribe of Niger holds a wife-stealing festival yearly

Every year in Woodabe, the people hold a festival that allows you to steal another man’s wife. Wodaabe men wear elaborate makeup and costumes and try to covertly steal others wife.

Th Wodaabee: The tribe were men steal each other's wives - Niger

Semen drinking in Papua (new Guinea)

In Papua, boys are removed from the presence of all females at the age of seven, living with other males for ten years. During the ten years, the skin is pierced to remove any contamination brought upon by women.

For the same reason, they also regularly incur nose-bleeding and vomiting caused by consuming large amounts of sugarcane.

To top it off, they are required to ingest the semen of their elders, which is thought to sustain growth and strength.

The Sambians: The semen-drinking tribe - Papua, New Guinea

Nepalese brothers share a wife

In Nepalese, brothers practice fraternal polyandry. It is a situation whereby a group of brothers share a wife. The parents find one wife for all of their sons so that they can live together as one family.

The Nepalese: A community where brothers share a wife - The Himalayas

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