5 Android Games That Helps Kill Boredom

Smartphones make our life simpler and productive, but sometimes we yearn for something more, more intruiging than instant messaging app and cool apps to kill boredom especially for those who are stereotype. There are certain android games that can help androids users to kill boredom.

Here are some that can be really helpful

Candy Crush

candy crush

Candy Crush is one of the classic apps, which you most probably are well acquainted with. Crushing candies is a rage because almost everyone in your facebook friend list is mapped on candy land. Candy crush can be very addictive, mainly because of facebook integration and its popularity. It’s nice to compete with friends, bypass them and reach a higher level.

Subway Surfer

subway surfer

Subway Surfer is another Android game you will keep coming back to. There is no learning curve, all you have to do is keep running dodge obstacles and collect coins. It is similar to Temple Run but some twists and turns make this a lot more addictive. Which one of the two you enjoy more is a matter of persona taste.


Kindle App


If you like to read, perhaps Kindle App reader is one of the best ones you can choose. It’s simple and neat interface has been meticulously designed for avid readers. You can download a world of books from Amazon store and can also side load and read books in Mobi format. The inbuilt dictionary which you can download is also quite amazing. This should be an engaging apps on an odd subway ride when you don’t have much to do.

Dragon Fly

dragon fly

Dragon fly is a very simple game and doesn’t require you to work very hard. The objective is to save a baby dragon from his mother you have to use hills to your advantage. The interface is quite simple and perhaps because it’s easy to play, you will find yourself playing it much to kill time, when you are exhausted and don’t wish to exert yourself much.



If you like Mirror’s Edge, you should be right at home with Vector: it’s probably the closest thing on Android to DICE’s 2008 masterpiece. It features a silhouetted protagonist with a flair for parkour, on the run in a totalitarian city.

The animations are superb, and the character’s movements look completely human. There are fewer collectible items than in many other endless runners – the focus is more on survival rather than trophy hunting. Jumping from rooftop to rooftop.

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