5 Accessories Every Fashion Forward Man Must Own


Fashion, is somewhat a woman’s things, but men are also not lagging behind. When you see a fashionable man, he is always prime and proper. From his clothes, to shoes, to accessories, a well dressed man, is an instant hit anywhere he steps his foot in. Now to some, investing so much time in their fashion, might be a gruesome task but to some it comes off as a piece of cake, we get this. However, you should note that having the essential accessories in your wardrobe immediately makes fashion an easy take for you.

Today, we will be discussing the 5 must have accessories for any fashion forward man in  our world today. Lets dive in .




A good timepiece, instantaneously transforms a drab looking gut to a model. Timepieces are a must have, as not only does it make you pass off as someone who works with time and doesn’t take it for granted, it shows just how fashionable and classy you are. Owning one good piece is way better than owning several drab pieces. Watches, add the much needed glow to a man’s overall get-up.



Yes, ties are a must have for any man’s wardrobe. The more ties, you have the better, but also, its always better to invest in the good ones. When  you wear a cheap tie on an expensive suit, it immediately waters down your appeal. A cheap tie, just as it sounds, give you a cheap look. You just have to invest in many expensive ties, buy a few silk ties and use, I bet you, you immediately begin to ooze sophistication and class wherever you step your foot.


messenger bag

I  have seen a number of men with these bags and truth be told, it adds elegance to their look. Something about seeing a man with a cute messenger bag, sets most ladies off. Good thing about this bag is, its comes in different sizes and colors. Thinking of dressing a bit down for that meeting or hangout, put the finishing touch to your casual yet elegant look with a messenger bag.



These have been a part of any man’s wardrobe since time immemorial. Having a great collection of socks however, is another thing entirely. Some men pay so little attention to the type of socks they buy, but for the fashion forward thinking man,socks are no one of those things you wave aside. Cotton socks are a must for every man. Buy a few cotton socks in variety of colors to add some art to your wardrobe.



I have come across a few guys, who looked amazingly dapper but on sighting their belts, I immediately was put off. A good leather belt sets you out in a crowd. Asides setting you out in a crowd, it gives you some sort of pride and sexiness. Investing in good belts is a smart idea. For men who love to stand out, buying a black or chocolate brown belt, is the one choice that is a must. These colors go well with any color of suit, jean or even pant trouser.


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