4 Summer Jobs That Can Get You Quick Money

Summer is here and with summer comes so much fun filled activities enjoyed by people of all ages.

However, there are a few people out there, who see this season as a means of making some quick cool cash to splurge on much needed /wanted items. For those, who fall into this category, here are few jobs you can try out.

Pool Maintenance

People will definitely need someone to clean their pool due to heavy partying. Running a pool cleaning business over the summer can be inexpensive,because it only requires a bit of equipment and know-how. But you can use your home as an office and simply set up appointments at local homes, apartment complexes and hotels.

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Home Rentals

For people who live in or close to a beach town or other popular travel destination, you can use your location as a way to make some extra money. this is a busy travel times,so you should consider renting out your home to tourists while you get away on your own vacation. Or you could even rent out rooms in your home or other spaces you own. Websites like Airbnb have made listing vacation rentals incredibly easy.

Car Washing

Generally, People are always looking for quick and cheap ways to clean their vehicles. In the summer, that’s a service you can easily offer without much stress attached. You can just offer basic washing services. Or you could even include detailing services for people who want to really clean out the insides of their vehicles.

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Resell video games

Cureently, Personal Computers might be dominating the gaming scene, but console games still pack a punch for the casual gamer. Especially for Students who are always looking for ways to take a break from school.

All you need to do is identify your customer and which channels are best for reaching them. You can simply start by buying old games from friends, classifieds sites, flea markets and marketplaces like eBay and Amazon. Truth is the more passionate you are about gaming, the better you’ll be at spotting potential deals and cashing in on rare collectibles.

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