4 Silent Harbingers Of Death We Are Unaware Of

A recently concluded research done by series of experts in sociology, Psychology and medical doctors, have revealed five silent killers that can cut short a person’s life.

As many would think that Obesity would be the first on the list, it would however shock you to find out that obesity does not necessarily cause so many people to die like it would be presumed.

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Here are the top 5 silent ailments that could bring about an early grace to those who suffer from it.

  1. Loneliness: this can be triggered by a sad event in one;s life and can be very life threatening if not immediately handled or treated. Loneliness according to researchers triggers biological changes in a person which in turn reduces the production of the white blood cell  needed for fighting off illness. Also, the immune system of lonely people are affected causing room for more inflammation which could lead to death should an ailment flare up and its not taken care of. A Lonely person could suffer and die from the below mentioned ailment if not treated; depression and suicide, cardiovascular disease and stroke, increased stress levels, decreased memory and learning, antisocial behavior, poor decision-making, alcoholism and drug abuse, The progression of alzheimer’s disease, altered brain function.
  2. No Sense Of Smell: Funny as it may sound, this second point is actually a valid silent killer. This is mostly experienced by people who have aged. Their inability to perceive spoilt food, a fire or leaking gas anywhere around them is a major source of concern as this could lead them to an untimely death. Also studies according to Journal Annals of Neurology shows that a person who is beginning to lose their sense of smell or have lost it; ‘A loss of a person’s sense of smell may also mean that the cells in the individual’s body are not able to regenerate as well as they used to (since the cells responsible for smell detection regenerate throughout life). This could put a person at higher risk of death from other causes.’
  3. Sleep Deprivation: Not getting enough sleep can definitely cause an early death for anyone. A person deprived of sleep is prone to make bad judgement, mood swings, inability to learn and retain information, and could eventually increase the risk of accidents and injury. When a person is eventually chronically sleep deprived, this could ultimately lead to other health issues including:obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, which could eventually lead to early mortality.
  4. Broken Bone: a fractured bone due to osteoporosis(bones become very weak due to lack of bone mass)  mostly in older people can lead to an early death. A broken bone in a middle aged or older person is major concern for health givers as complications that could arise from a broken hip or fractured bone includes pulmonary embolism, infections , and heart failure. These could ultimately lead to death in no time if not properly and quickly treated.
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