4 Reasons Why Nigerians Are The Happiest People On Earth.

Someone might want to crucify me for the topic of this piece, but if you can be patience enough deep down, you will definitely agree with me that we Nigerians are indeed happy, despite our ongoing predicaments.

Are you still in doubts, then take time to read through these reasons and see if you won’t nod your head in acknowledgement.

file photo of happy Nigerians
file photo of happy Nigerians
  1. Problem come – Problem solved – Problem Go: one can easily say that’s the ideal mantra for the ‘naija palava’. Every administration was a ‘hit from back to back’ when it’s comes to problem creation. But the amazing thing about the Nigerian situation is that, when these problems comes, trust Nigerians to complain and I’d possible protest. In the end the problem will just disappear, and live goes on. A notable mention is the petroleum deregulation policy that led to the ‘occupy Nigeria’ protest, and the current fuel scarcity protest.
  1. No money – No problem: every humans aspires to be rich, and my beloved Nigerians are not left out. In fact we are hustlers that never rest until we are there (Rich) but when this wealth start delaying before they arrive. Life must go oh, Nigeria we love enjoyment a lot. Then you start hearing lines like “Wetin man go do”.
  1. Owanbe: have you been to an owanbe before? Oh, sorry for those that don’t understand Yoruba, ‘Owanbe’ is a big party mostly celebrated in the streets of Lagos. Wow. You need to see the assorted dishes on the menu. And how people dance happily during the owanbe party. ALSO READ: Top 5 Most beautiful Island Countries In The World
  1. We are just happy people: admit or not, we are indeed happy people. And we love each other. Our skin can easily be likened to the skin of the hippo, you can hardly penetrate it. Throw whatever at you and what is bounce it back.
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