3 Important Things That Should Always Be On Your Person

I often hear people say I wish “I wish I didn’t forget” a lipstick or a handkerchief or something that could have been important at the time. The truth is that it can be very frustrating leaving something that turned out to be very important thinking you wouldn’t need, either because you felt you weren’t going far enough to require such item or gadget and then it turned out the odds were against you.

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Here are three important gadgets you should never leave at home when going out.

1. Phone: Never leave your phone at home. I insist never leave your phone at home regardless of how far or short your distance is. It would amaze you that even in this 21st century; a lot of people are guilty of this. And trust me you don’t want to be in a fix and need to call someone and then you can’t. It’s simply embarrassing. Time to time, some people are guilty of this. You meet a friend on the road side and then you’re asking can I get your number or pin, and you’re left with a biro and paper as a last resort. Regardless of where you’re going please always go with your phone, there’s a reason why it’s called a mobile phone. Let me stretch this a little. Now for the ladies who are used to leaving your phones in the room and working in the kitchen, well, honestly it’s not very nice. You’re probably smiling right now if you’re guilty. You don’t want to be missing important calls while you’re busy somewhere else. The least you can do is increase the volume of your phone so you can hear when a call comes through.

2: ATM: Another important gadget, well it’s not necessary a gadget but it has been proven to save life and still is. Don’t ever go out without an ATM card. This is very important. I know we all have mobile apps for sending money and paying bills and the likes. Well that might be a big assumption but if you don’t have one, then get one. You need one. Well, ATM cards are important because it will save you time, stress and your life in some cases. Don’t ever go out without your ATM card. You need it. Besides withdrawing and transferring money, you can also buy airtimes and this can come in handle during the evening period of the day.


images (2)3. Flash Drive: Lastly, it’s important you have your flash or an external hard drive. Well, you apparently have a Smartphone that can save files much you want. Unfortunately, not every uses a smart phone or an android. Some files can be so large and you don’t want to be in a position where you have to go through the stress of having to return. It is usually safer with a flash or an external hard drive because the truth is with a hard drive you get more space and you’re hardly limited.

This doesn’t mean that these are static important three gadgets you must always go out with. Some would prefer a power bank over a flash, but whatever is important to you should not be left at home because you never can tell when you will need any of these items.

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