3 Guaranteed Ways To Get A Bigger Butt In 5 Days

Get bigger butt in 5 days

Being Bootilycious, has taken a new definition since the song with the same title was released some years back, by the queen Bee herself, Beyonce.

Many ladies, today, who are not that endowed in that region, have succumbed to wearing butt pad just to give their behind that lift and make that little black dress, or jean trouser look like it was specially made for you.

I have, on countless occasions listened to several ladies winning on  how they have little butts and have done virtually all kinds of exercise from squats to what not just to get a ‘Brazilian butt’ to no avail.

Good news, I will be giving you 3 guaranteed ways to make that butt pop out in less than 6 days

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bigger butt in 5-days

  1. Eat good food: Yes, with good food in no time, i guaranteed your butt will pop out of here it has been hiding all along. Food like avocado, high in healthy protein, carbohydrates, will not only give you bigger butts, but also make your waistline slimmer. Same goes for fishoil, which has the magical power of strengthening the muscles and bones in the body. Fish oil which is rich in Omega fatty acids helps increase your butt in no time. Please note however that fried food should be avoided during this period as it does no good for your goal

Bigger Butt

2. Exercise: Yes, this is highly needed as exercises which includes Yoga, lunges and even squats, tremendously helps in achieving a  well rounded and fabulous butt in no time. We all need cardio exercise, so doing the right one like forward lunges for your butt will help make your butt pop out in 5 days. Also, the pigeon pose, a yoga move which not only helps relaxes your body but, also improves your muscle strength and butt endurance.

Heels for bigger butt

3. Wear Heels: For girls, who are no fans of this kind of fashion but want the butt, you might need to try this often, if not, try walking around in the house on your toes and making sure that your butt cheek is clenched tightly, then released as you do so. Try this a couple of times.


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