25 Nigerian States Record Dramatic Fall In Revenue

A total number 25 out of the 36 states of the federation are facing a dramatic slide with their Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) and this is being blamed on the slow-down in the nation’s revenue base and security concerns in others.

And the immediate fallout is that workers across the federation are languishing in penury due to unpaid salaries running into months as the first quarter of the year draws to a close.

This is coming against the backdrop of the call for a second round of bailout by state governors in the wake of low allocations from the federation account occasioned by falling oil prices.


According to a report of the National Bureau of Statistics(NBS) for the year 2015, the states affected cut across all geo-political zones, the most affected being Kwara ,which had N12,460,517,954.55 billion in 2014,but only about N7,178,922,182.76billion in 2015, a whooping shortfall of N5, 281,595,766

This was immediately followed by Imo State which has experienced running battle with its state work force in the last two years. In 2014,the IGR level for Imo was N8,115,751,385.95 and in 2015 it came down to N5,472,581,634.18; Bayelsa IGR in 2014 was N10,958,263,688.00 while in 2015 it dropped to N8,713,516,526.24; Bauchi in 2014 had N8,2713,516,526.24 billion, but raked in only N7,631,798,841.37.

Cross River had N15,738,850,743.95bn in 2014,but had a drop to N13,567,122,507.38 in 2015; Delta had N42,819,209,025.24billion n IGR in 2014 but N40,805,655,911.9 in 2015;Enugu recorded N19,250,345,593.00 in 2014, but later had N18,081,014,527.00 in 2015.

Jigawa had N6,273,310,616.3 in 2014 IGR,but which dropped to N5,081,424,105.40bn in 2015; Katsina’s IGR in 2014 was N6,223,037,599.00bilion but in 2015 it dropped to N5,791,008,741.00;Lagos state also had N276,163,978,675.95bn in 2014,which dropped to N268,224,782,435.23 in the following year.

Oyo IGR in 2014 was N16,307,233,700.20bn but in 2015 it came down to N15,663,514,824.73bn; Plateau state had N8,284,425,159.92 IGR in 2014,but in 2015,it came down to N6,937,349,802.70.

Rivers state had N89,112,448,347.43bn IGR in 2014,but in 2015,it dropped to N82,101,298,408,43.

Yobe State had N3,073,780,160.87 IGR in 2014,but in 2015,it dropped to N2,251,330,427.39bn due to security challenges and others.

And lastly, Zamfara which got N3,149,630,553.9 IGR in 2014, saw it plummet to N2,741,632,541.03billion the following year.

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