Child Gets Hit By A Bike While Playing Pokemon Go While 4 Others Get Lost In A Cave


A teenager thought to have been playing new rave game Pokemon Go, was hit by a motorcycle while crossing the road.

The boy, in his mid-teens, was struck by the bike in a busy road after walking out between two buses.

Officers from the Met Police and paramedics from the London Ambulance service were called to Bexleyheath at 3.35pm.

The young boy suffered minor injuries and was taken to a south London hospital.

The incident comes after a specialist mine rescue team were forced to save a group of teenagers who got lost in a cave – while looking for Pokemon.

The four teens headed into the underground network of tunnels to play the mobile phone game that has recently taken the world by storm.

But the kids lost their way in the caves below Hawthorn in Wiltshire and were forced to wander around until they found enough mobile phone signal to call 999.

Three fire crews and two rope units enlisted the help of a key holder – who has access to a locked part of the cave – to help find the kids and lead them to safety.

The tunnels are understood to be part of an abandoned potential emergency relocation site for the British government in the event of nuclear attack.

Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service warned people to stay out of the tunnels unless they have a proper map and guide.

A spokesperson said yesterday: ‘The crews were able to assist key holder with leading four teenagers to safety.

‘They had apparently been in the caves looking for Pokemon.

‘The tunnels are open to the public, but some of the areas are locked off because some of them go close to areas used by the MoD.

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‘We are advising people not to go into the caves unless you know what you are doing, you’ve got a map and you’ve got an experienced guide with you.

‘The call [for help] came from the children themselves. They had got lost.

‘I’m not 100 per cent sure how, but they got to a point where they had some mobile signal to call us to come and find them.

‘They were given the information I have just given – do not to go into the caves unless you know what you are doing, you’ve got a map and you’ve got an experienced guide with you.’

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