U.S Police Appreciates Pokemon For Fighting Crime


It is not a surprise the effects of Pokémon Go on the street as there have been high number of robbery and assault on the street but the same cartoon game has also assisted the police in reprimanding some bandits and helping the U.S. police improve strained community relations and even arrest wanted suspects.

The game that’s only one week old after its launching last week drawing more than 7 million gamers to hunt virtual Pokémon, unfortunately the same game has also had a few challenges surrounding it.

The game is also facing a backlash from the community with hallowed places including Arlington National Cemetery outside Washington, D.C. urging players to stay away, and the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum has asked to be removed from the game, a museum spokesman said.

People have also endangered themselves walking through lonely places and having to be mobbed.

In College Park, Maryland, university students holding their Smartphone out to play Pokémon Go were robbed on Tuesday night by an armed suspect, police said. In Antelope, California, two men playing the game in a park late on Sunday reported being robbed and carjacked by a gunman.

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At the same time, Pokémon characters have aided police, from helping catch elusive suspects to burnishing officers’ public image at a time of strained ties between law enforcement and communities throughout the United States.

Noticing people playing the game on the street in Fall River, Massachusetts on Sunday, an officer on patrol jumped in to join them. The fun was captured in a photo that police posted on Twitter and was liked more than 4,000 times.

“They were able to talk about a common subject and it broke all barriers between them,” Detective Nelson Sousa told local television station WPRI.

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