Google’s New Feature ”My Activity” Will Reveal Everything About You

1912 (1)Google has come up with a new feature that actually reveals all that the well known search engine giant has about you.

As much as this is interesting some people would hate the idea and probably feel this is encroaching into their privacy.

The search giant included that the new feature “My Activity’’ would collect all data that Google has generated by watching its customers as they move around the web touching the world even from their seats.

The shocking art of all of this is that ‘’My Activity” would reveal every site you have opened and what you did with your phone.

The breather is that it has a setting to turn this off this feature so it keeps your privacy in checks and saving you any embarrassment if any at all.

The feature will also enable users to delete records of their online search requests and videos watched on YouTube in a single location instead of having to visit different websites or apps.

When users first sign into the service it greets them with a series of messages explaining why the ‘My Activity’ feature is beneficial.

‘Rediscover the things you’ve searched for, visited and watched on Google services,’ it says.

‘You can easily delete specific items or entire topics. You can also change your settings and decide what data gets associated with your account,’ the welcoming message says.

In an effort to minimize complaints about invading people’s privacy, Google has long allowed its users to impose limits on how much data is accumulated about them and how many customized ads they see.

Some users of Google’s search engine, Gmail and Chrome browser will start receiving notices about the new option beginning Tuesday, but it will take several more weeks before it’s available to everyone.

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In addition to providing quicker ways to get to personal account information, Google also recently introduced a ‘Find Your Phone’ tool that’s designed to protect data stored on a device, as well as help locate it if it’s lost or stolen.

The tool will work on Apple’s iPhone, as well as devices running on Google’s Android software.

It’s meant to supplement the device-tracking and security features already built into the iPhone and the Android operating system.





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