4 Amazing Features Google Offer That You Probably Don’t Know

Interestingly, quite a number of us have a huge number of Apps on our phones and sometimes even our laptops but the irony of it is that we keep downloading but very few know the value of Apps or better still even find out what the apps are for especially the Google features.

I wouldn’t say annoyingly, but Google has its ways of always bringing some new feature out even before we exhaust the previous one.

A couple of years back it was the Google Friend Connect, launched in 2008 but then retired March 1st, 2012, meanwhile, there was the Google Buzz launched 2010 and retired 2011.

There have been series of Google features that have come and gone like thin air notwithstanding, there have been others that have stood the test of time but still, unfortunately very few know their uses and surprisingly few even don’t know their names.

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Is Under Investigation By FTC

There are some features we will be looking into today.


So What Is Google Plus

Google+ launched in 2011 and still functions to date. This amazing feature actually has some amazing functions that could wow you.

Very few have come to terms that the Google+ is just a thin line different from the regular whatsApp and BMM we have on our social networks.

Features included the ability to post photos and status updates to the stream or interest based communities, group different types of relationships (rather than simply “friends”) into Circles, a multi-person instant messaging, text and video chat called Hangouts, events, location tagging, and the ability to edit and upload photos to private cloud-based albums.

Apparently, few have tagged the Google+ as a competition to Facebook. Although, they have had three different managerial heads that resulted to its new icon which cannot bulge the consistency of Facebook.

The Google+ is considered to be like any other social network, having similar features like a profile photo, about section, background photo, cover photo, previous work and school history, interests, places lived and an area to post status updates. It also includes several identity service sections, such as a contributor and other profiles area that let one link their “properties across the web.”

That is to say, if you own your blog or you’re in other social network you’re not restricted or limited to share within friends or circles.

In November 2011, Google+ profiles are used as the background account for many Google Services including YouTube, Gmail, Google Maps, Android, Google Play, Google Music, Google Voice, Google Wallet, Google Local and more.

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Google Wallet

Google Wallet is a peer to peer payment service often confused for the Google Pay. Although, they have their similarities but also their distinctions.

Google Wallet is developed by Google that allows people to send and receive money from a mobile device or desktop computer at no cost to either sender or receiver. When set up, a Google Wallet account must be linked to an existing debit card or bank account in the United States.

The physical Google Wallet Card is an optional addition to the app which allows users to make purchases at point-of-sale (in stores or online) drawing from funds in their Google Wallet account, attached debit card account, or bank account. The card can also be used to withdraw cash at ATMs with no Google-associated fee, and can be used like a debit card for virtually any purpose, including such things as renting a car. The card was discontinued on June 30, 2016.

Different from Android Pay, Google Wallet now allows peer-to-peer transactions for cases such as when people want to split the cost of shared expenses, reimburse each other, keep track of joint spending, or give money as a gift or loan.

While Android Pay is only available to Android users, Google Wallet is available on iOS and via Gmail as well. For those using Android, the two products together (Android Pay and Google Wallet) offer a comprehensive payments management system, a “tool for staying in charge of the bank account.” Users can link their bank accounts or debit cards to Android Pay and to their Google Wallet app. With this approach, users can manage their money from one source, with the ability to.



Google Hangout

One of the things i have noticed about Google is that they take the initiative of creating its own experience for its users, providing other options for them.

That’s where the Google Hangout comes in. Google Hangouts

Developed by Google which includes instant messaging, video chat, SMS and VOIPfeatures. It replaces three messaging products that Google had implemented concurrently within its services, including Google Talk, Google+ Messenger (formerly: Huddle), and Hangouts, a video chat system present within Google+. Google has also stated that Hangouts is designed to be “the future” of its telephony product, Google Voice and integrated some of the capabilities of Google Voice into Hangouts.

In current versions of Android, Hangouts is the default application for text messaging.

Like the name hangouts, it is majorly conversation based between two or more users and this would occur online.




Google Drive

Well, this a lot easier to understand compared to the others. Like the flash drive and hard drive, this is just a little bit different although bearing house hold names ‘’Drive.’’

Formerly known as Google doc before it was coined to Google Drive is a file storage and synchronization service and of course created by Google. It provides users with the option to save files in the cloud, share files and edit document spreadsheet and presentation with collaborators.

Google Drive was launched on April 24, 2012 and had 240 million monthly active users by October 2014. Google said in September 2015 that they had over 1 million individual or organizational paid users of Google Drive, and that they had made new security and privacy additions.

Google gives every user 15 GB of online storage space, which is shared across three of its most-used services, Google Drive, Gmail, and Google+ Photos, previously, Picasa Web Albums. Users can obtain more storage on payment of a monthly subscription.

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