Apple Goes Guns Blazing Over Jay Z’s Tidal Music Company

hov-tidalApple seems to be buying everything this days and the giant are not holding anything back as they go guns blazing for the Legend, Jay Z’s company.

Tidal, a streaming service owned by Jay Z is said to be bought by Apple, although, the terms of agreement have not been stated so far but reports suggest that this deal is going to be massive since Jay Z bought Tidal for about $56million last year. It is only expected that the value would have increased.

Apple’s idea of Buying Tidal is said to be tied to sole reason which is to get closer to well known and recognised artist like Rihanna, Kanye West and other top artist.

Tidal has had Kanye West’s the Life of Pablo album exclusively for more than six weeks before it was released on other platforms.

Beyonce’s Lemonade was also released on Tidal before it was shared with other streaming sites, such as Spotify.

The service is the only one containing the music by Prince, who is said to be close friends with Jay Z.

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Although, Tidal has had some difficulty and faced some challenges as they have appointed three different CEOs within the year.

It’s no surprise that Apple are interested in buying as they seem to be interested in companies that are struggling.

In further weeks to come, we hope to get more information surrounding this story.

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