2019 Election: 5 Likely PDP Presidential Candidates

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2019 may be far in sight but politicians are known to be futuristic planners and strategic schemers, tinkering ahead while majority are asleep of the possible cause, choice of candidates and end result of the political space. The 2015 general election brought to his feet and end of dawn for the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and the incursion of All Progressive Congress (APC) to national politics.

As the PDP will not go down without a fight, the party have kick-started moves to re-invent the party as shown in their documentary video sponsored on African Independent Television (AIT) and the recent submission of its committee on Post Election Review headed by Deputy Senate President, Senator Ike Ekweremadu that PDP presidential ticket for 2019 elections should be zone to the North. Since, non-compliance with the zoning formula was the primary reason for failure of the PDP at the 2015 poll.

Majority of PDP members and stalwarts agreed on one thing, non-compliance with zoning arrangement led to their failure at the poll. Therefore, the race has begun earnest to decide which of the northerners would fly the party flag at the next election in 2019. Former governor of Jigawa state, Sule Lamido has already indicated interest and other names mooted. Though speculative aside Lamido, I hereby present 5 likely PDP presidential candidates for the 2019 election.


Sule Lamido: The immediate past governor of Jigawa state and former minister under Obasanjo’s administration was the first person to indicate interest to run and ready to fight for it because he believed he has earned it by his loyalty to the party.

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Ali Modu Sheriff/Fayose Ticket: There is always an inkling of truth in every rumour and the Ali Modu/Fayose ticket rumour has recently gained prominence. In politics, anything is possible; an Ali Modu/Fayose ticket will surely add more drama, twist and stir controversy in the 2019 PDP election plot.


Abubakar Atiku: This is one person that can do anything to fulfill his political ambition. From being the vice president in Obasanjo’s administration that ended in squabbles, to his consistent cross-carpeting from PDP to ACN to become the party’s presidential candidate, from ACN back to the PDP and now from PDP back to APC. There is no iota of doubt that if PDP flashes the presidential ticket to his face, he will be more than willing to jump ship.


Bukola Saraki: The incumbent Senate President and the perceived politically motivated Code of Code Tribunal Trial have gone a long way to sow a seed of discord between him and his party. The fallout of this political melodrama is that the PDP is now ready to welcome back their prodigal son back to their folds and a real contender for the PDP presidential ticket come 2019.


Nuhu Ribadu: The former Economic and Financial Crime (EFCC) boss and the PDP Adamawa governorship candidate at the 2015 poll remains an underdog (if he decides or pressurized to be in the race) in the midst of strong adversaries but one must not lost sight of the fact that he remained a strong contender for the post based on youthful appeal, stellar record with EFCC as well as credible reputation (debatable).

Written by Dosunmu Moshood

Twitter handle: @msdoes

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