2016: Top 5 Richest Women In Tech


I decided to take the usual out of the way, not because time and again women are always just by the side. I am no feminist o, but I just feel we should put some of the richest women in tech on the map and actually acknowledge them.

Often times you would hear something like let’s welcome Mr. Muyiwa and his wife, forgetting that she has a name, of course, this isn’t deliberate but it always happens.

Only five out of 100 billionaires on the 2016 FORBES list of the world’s 100 Richest in Tech are women. Four are entrepreneurs who reigned in industries such as online gambling, healthcare software and smartphone screen manufacturing. One is the world’s richest female tech executive. Two are American, two are based in Hong Kong and one hails from the United Kingdom.

ID Card Of 100 GBP A Month Factory Worker Now Richest In China

A 46 year old woman from a rural village in central China’s Hunan Province, Zhou Qunfei, is the first woman on our list and who would believe that she was once a lowly factory worker.

Chairwoman and CEO of Hunan based touch screen maker Lens Technology became the richest woman in China on March 30 with a personal fortune estimated to be worth more than US$7.6 billion and counting.

Zhou Qunfei was once earning less than $150 a month, now she’s a billionaire, just 12 days after her company went public.

One of her words I would always remember is her saying “I’m not qualified to be a high-profile person,” Hunan Daily quoted her as saying. “I think it’s important not to get carried away when you are successful and not to let yourself feel gloomy when times are bad.”



Denis Coates started out working for her father, crunching numbers in his betting shops while still in school. She then trained as an accountant and took over some of those shops, turning around their fortunes before selling them to large bookmaker Coral.

Coates’ fortune jumped over the past year as her online gambling firm, Bet365, saw net profits soar. Coates, who owns around half of the privately held company, is co-CEO with her billionaire brother, John.

In January 2000, Coates purchased the domain name Bet365.com. While working in a temporary building on a car park near one of her shops, she spent a year creating a new online betting site. Bet365.com was launched in 2001.


Lam Wai Ying is the wife of Yeung Kin-man, funny names right. The power couple are doing very well, especially in reference to tech. Yeung Kin-man is the founder and chief executive of Biel Crystal Manufactory, a supplier of smartphone touch screens to Apple that employs 100,000 people in mainland China. Lam, the company chairman, owns 49% of the business; Yeung holds 51%.

Lam Wai Ying is a newcomer to the Richest In Tech ranks this year with an estimated net worth of $3 billion. Like Zhou, she is based in Hong Kong and her fortune stems from supplying touch screens for smartphones.


Don’t Judge her by her age, at 73, Judy Faulkner serves as CEO of Epic Systems, the health records software company she founded in 1979.

The firm stores medical information for more than half of the U.S. population and reported $2 billion in revenues in 2015. Estimated to own one-third of the company, Faulkner has a net worth of some $2.7 billion.

She’s regarded as the most powerful woman in health care till date and doesnt look like anyhting like a 73 year old.


Meg Whitman, who just turned 60 on the 4th of August, is the only one in the group who made her fortune by successfully running tech companies rather than owning hers.

After stints as an executive at Hasbro and Walt Disney, she headed eBay for a decade. She boosted the online auction site’s revenues from $5.7 million in 1997 to $8 billion which in my opinion is outstanding.

when she left in 2008. Whitman took over as CEO of Hewlett-Packard in September 2011 and has run Hewlett Packard Enterprise, which sells servers and software, since the company’s historic split in November 2015.

So, I know that there’s nothing more than owning your own company but let’s come to think about this carefully. Am sure you’ve had the saying that to whom much is given much is expected and  “If you are faithful in little things, you will be faithful in large ones. But if you are dishonest in little things, you won’t be honest with greater responsibilities.” 





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