BMW Teams Up With Intel, Mobileye on Self-Driving Cars

010-bmw-i8-mirrorless-1Bayerische Motoren Werke AG (BMW) is a German brand knows for its durability and wonderful engine performance. The BMW is such a beauty and it’s no surprise that quite a number of people have argued that the brand is one of the top three brand cars in the world.

Intel Corp. is working with Mobileye NV to develop self-driving car technology for BMW AG, with Toyota and Volkswagen have gone ahead with this mouth dripping filled with a lot curiosity of how it would turn out with the cars driving themselves.

All we can do is to wait patiently for several tests to be carried out and until maybe found 100% safe enough before you can get one.

Senior Executives would be having a meeting tomorrow Friday, to discuss the driverless-vehicle initiative, said the people, who asked not to be named because the details are private.

Mobileye has been recognised as a leader in providing cameras, software and other components that allow vehicles and users see the better side of cars and providing a good experience for the drivers as well.

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BMW has been a client of Mobileye, along with General Motors Co. and Tesla Motors Inc. As automakers and their suppliers race to create systems to replace human drivers, most companies are betting on some form of artificial intelligence, which requires powerful processing.

Intel is the world’s biggest chipmaker, and it is popularly known for its  control of the computer-processor market. The company has elbowed its way onto the car dashboard by producing the components inside entertainment and information systems in vehicles. However, it still lags behind companies such as NXP Semiconductors NV and Infineon Technologies AG in providing chips to the auto industry.

People are now looking beyond the effectiveness of horsepower engines and pay attention to which brand car product produces the safest self driving tech cars.

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