Windows Sued For $10,000 In Respect To Windows 10 Software

windows-10-blue-screen-thumbWe’ve heard your complaint. In respect to the Windows 10 and the series of complain that followed it, Windows had to come out open and acknowledged that the Windows 10 is actually confusing saying there would be an upgrade and for those who don’t want to, options would still be created for better functionality.

This week, a Seattle woman successfully sued the company for $10,000 over disruption caused by the software installing without, she said, permission.

“The new experience has clearer options to upgrade now, choose a time, or decline the free offer,” said Terry Myerson, executive vice president, Windows and Devices Group, in an emailed statement.

“If the red-x is selected on this new dialog, it will dismiss the dialog box and we will notify the device again in a few days.

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“We continue to recommend all of our customers upgrade to Windows 10 before the free upgrade offer expires on July 29.”

Although, Windows is determined and very resolute in providing its users with a better experience with the Windows 10 with added security system that surpasses previous versions.

Nevertheless, some users are reluctant to do an upgrade and are sceptical of what might happen to their hardware.




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