Diesel Cars May Put You At Risk

1-winter-tyres-driving-in-snow-large_trans++rWYeUU_H0zBKyvljOo6zlkYMapKPjdhyLnv9ax6_tooThe truth is that you need cars. The fact is that diesel cars actually put you at risk especially when the temperature. Now the question is do you want such cars?

Toxic emissions from diesel cars are much worse than feared when temperatures fall below 18°C, it is claimed.

This means using the cars on roads given the climate, are a greater threat to human health and the environment.

The problem is caused by engine management systems installed by manufacturers, which are designed to partially switch off emission controls when it gets cold outside.

Well, there’s a positive side to the story. It was designed to actually keep the car from high temperature and boosts miles per gallon.

Although, Government Predecessors have encouraged that such cars should be used since it helps function better within such an environment.

Unfortunately, this has led to the deaths of many unknowingly, causing toxic pollution like NOx and particulates.

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Now, NOx levels are so far above safe limits for human health in the UK that the EU is threatening to prosecute and impose multi-million pound fines.

After research was done, it was found that when temperature drops below 18°C, toxic gas emissions were found ranging from manufacturers to brands.





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