Fans Go Bizarre Over iPhone 7 Missing Headphone Socket


download (11)The rumours are seemingly to be true; the iPhone 7 will omit the 3.5mm socket to make the iPhone 7 thinner and more waterproof, with more room for the battery.

Fans and Apple users are already expressing how they feel about the proposed iPhone 7 and it seems a lot of people are not pleased with Apple.

Tech website The Verge said: “Removing [the] headphone [socket] from phones is something that no-one is asking for and has serious drawbacks including poor compatibility and accessibility, [and] DRM [digital rights management] audio [ie with built-in copyright enforcement].’’

Complaints are everywhere on social media site, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram users are expressing how they feel and hoping they can bend the hands of Apple on this decision. Many have complained that removing the socket would render expensive headphones all useless.

Some complained having to use the Lightning port would mean “no music while charging”.

One tweeted: “I am OK with Apple removing the headphone [socket] as long as they bundle Lightning EarBuds with the iPhone 7.”

Others said that they would not be upgrading.

John Gruber, who writes the technology blog Daring Fireball and is regarded as an authority on all things Apple, makes the point that losing the jack would make more room for a larger battery.

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“Removing the analogue headphone jack is inevitable. This is what makes Apple different. They will initiate a painful transition for a long-term gain,” he writes.

“In five years we’ll look at analogue headphone jacks the way we look at all the other legacy ports we’ve abandoned.”

That’s his opinion many have said. Many are still grossed with Apple. Unfortunately, they can only hope that Apple doesn’t  remain stiff necked over the situation.

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