Instagram Celebrates 500 million Users While WhatsApp Hits One Billion Users


Nine months back, on this day the social Media platform Instagram, announced that they had reached 400 million users. Interestingly, Instagram announced today that they had reached 500 million users and four years after Facebook acquired the service for a cool $1 billion — at a time when Instagram had a mere 30 million users.

Regardless of the numbers, Instagram is proud of how far they have come and feel they are edging closer to Facebook, which apparently has edged closer to two billion users.  Obviously this  doesn’t surprise anyone,  because the platform Facebook has been in existence for quite a number of years and has put a dent on the map of the world.

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The surprise here is that WhatsApp — the messaging service Facebook acquired for around $20 billion — has recently passed one billion users and that’s very remarkable. WhatsApp seems to be drawing a huge level of traffic.

Although, Much of Instagram’s growth has come from international markets, and today it claims that 80 percent of its users live outside its native U.S.

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