Why You Should Stop Using Google Chrome

download (4)Quite a number of people complain about the strength of their battery as being weak, well, apart from the fact that your battery might be bad, which is only a symptom not the problem.

Well your worries can be gone as Microsoft confirmed that the problem might just be your Google Chrome after much test had been done.

Unfortunately, Google Chrome happens to be one of the most popular internet browser and its surprising because over 70 percent of internet browsers are currently using the Google Chrome to read this article.

After Microsoft carried a test on a full charged unplugged battery using different browser including Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Microsoft Edge, the Google Chrome happened to be the one that lasted for few hours.

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The tests streamed the same video on four unplugged, identical laptops, each on a different browser.

Google Chrome: Four hours and 19 minutes

Mozilla Firefox: Five hours and nine minutes

Opera: Six hours and 18 minutes

Microsoft Edge: Seven hours and 22 minutes

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While this does suggest that Microsoft’s browser might be kinder to your battery, it should be noted that Google Chrome has additional features and browser extensions that Edge does not.

However, Microsoft is set to launch an Anniversary Update to Windows 10 this summer, which will see Edge level the playing field with Google Chrome and offer comparable features.

To make sure the additional features do not affect batter power, Microsoft is introducing power-saving enhancements, such as more efficient processor management.


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