The Expert Dr Michio Kaku Believes We Can All Be Immortal

images (1)Talking to a loved one after they’ve passed away might happen in a fiction novel, but imagine that happen in reality. Well, reality doesn’t seem to be so far away and this isn’t some spiritual gimmick but it leaves questions asked like what’s the world turning into?

But according to Dr Michio Kaku, this ‘immortal world’ could soon be a reality. He claims that soon we will be able to go to speak to a loved one even after they die, by keeping them alive through virtual reality.

The avatar will contain memories and personality, which will interact with loved ones just as you would have when they were alive, taking the effect of missing them while keeping a smile on your face.

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Dr Kaku said: ‘’Imagine being able to speak to your loved one after they died, but it is possible if their personality has been downloaded onto computer as an avatar.’’

‘You would be able to communicate with them as if they were still here. They would, in other words become immortal.’ True they might be gone but it would be like they never left.

Although many people are of the opinion that Dr Michio Kaku’s theories are impossible but he is of the opinion that these are developments we’ll see not just in the distant future, but by the end of the century.

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