Five Seconds Is All You Need With The RAM

In response to one of the most deadliest diseases in the world, the Malaria. John Lewandowski decided to put smiles on the face of the world. Some would argue that this should have come earlier than now, but in the end it’s never too late to save the world. John Lewandowski, who is a young PHD student in Engineering has handed us the (RAM) Rapid Assessment of malaria device which is able to diagnose malaria in five seconds, yes five seconds.

Africa and Asia are known to be one of the most growing areas affected mostly with the disease, and usually to get a test done one would require a medical infrastructure for microscopic test. Unfortunately it doesn’t detect malaria at the early stages and that’s the difference with the RAM and other medical aid. According to (WHO) World Health Organisation 438,000 people died in 2015.
The RAM is battery operated with a size of 4 x 4 inches and a small circuit board, a few magnets and a laser on the inside. On the outside is an (LCD) liquid crystal display screen and (SD) secure digital card slot and plastic disposable cuvette.
John Lewandowski has a pedigree that portrays his fight against diseases as he is the founder and CEO of Boston -based disease diagnostic group. John Lewandowski speaks about his motivation for the RAM as he says “As an engineer, i thought about creating a way to detect these magnetic crystals quickly.”
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The RAM is a device everyone should have and the benefits of the RAM have no end but there’s more to just diagnosing malaria in five seconds but for treatments to start as soon as diagnosis is done. Sometime in 2013, The (RAM) device has been tested in clinical trials in india. The field as at the time was 250 patients showed a 93% to 97% accuracy, and due to the success Lewandowski stated that a new field study will be launched during the summer in Nigeria with up to 5,000 patients.
“For us, social impact is our mission,” He said “we want them to be used in the right way by the right people who need them the most.” One interesting thing with the (RAM) is that it is affordable and accessible. If you want one, go get one.
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