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Imagine having a Robot in your apartment. Now! Imagine having a robot named Zenbo, that helps you in surfing the net, playing music, video calls, read books to kids and plays videos at your comfort. Let me announce to you that this can be a possibility in coming years.
Zenbo is a Robot made by a Taiwan company ASUS, to help elderly people and make life easy for them. According to Bank of America merrill Lynch Research study states that there will be more than two (2) billion people over the age of 60 in 2050 more than double the number we have today.
Companies like ASUS have taken deliberate step in thinking about the future, especially considering the economic and social problems that are already being felt in Asia. On Monday, 30th of May 2016 ASUS showed off its vision for Zenob. Although the Robot is designed to meet the needs of a typical family nevertheless, the company has specific functionalities to meet the needs of elderly people, safeguarding their health and well-being as well as to enjoy a digital life. Zenbo has a look of an elliptical tablet on wheels .
It would interest you to know that in Singapore something like this is already going on, where you have Robots looking after elderly people. For the ASUS and Zebo to function in full capacity it requires that they interact with their surroundings as much as humans do.
You will find companies like Alphabet (GOOGL-Tech30)-owned Boston Dynamics drive their attention to make electronic bodies that are active, with the ability to walk, climb stairs and lift boxes so they can serve the needs of the people.
At the moment ASUS Zenbo is not on sale to the public yet. The company is trying to find developers build software programs for the machine. The least we can do is know that in the nearest future our world would be a better place for us and the rest of our families.
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