12 Players That Surprisingly Failed To Make Their Country’s Euro 2016 Squad

And yes, the Euro 2016 beckons as the hosts, France look to make their fans happy when they take on Romanis tonight.The most important achievement as a footballer is winning the World Cup or Nations cup or any trophy that represents you doing it for your country.Some players shine so much for their clubs and never win anything for their country due to various reasons but then there is even a bigger pride donning the national team jersey which is every individuals aim,that is why a national team debut for any footballer is always special.There are also lots of tournaments organized for players to represent their countries.One is definitely going on which is the Copa America and another is expected to start on Friday which is the Euros for the nations in Europe.As the tournaments get set to begin, we look at 12 players who were unfortunately dropped from the tournament and will be missed by viewers worldwide.For some its a surprise, for some its due to injuries and various other reasons.Here are 12 players who missed out on their countries 23-man squad for the tournament in France;

  1. Marco Reus (Germany): reusThe Borussia Dortmund star was surprisingly dropped from the German 23-man squad after yet another impressive season with Borussia Dortmund.Reus is one of the very few players that would make any country’s XI in world football but according to his coach, a persistent knee injury is what led to him being dropped meaning Reus has now missed the last three tournaments for Germany due to injuries!!! Quite an unlucky player.
  2. Danny Drinkwater (England): danny-drinkwater-england-trainingDrinkwater will count himself quite unlucky to have missed out on this squad despite a stellar injury free season with Leicester city. He was a Premier league champion and was a vital key member of the Leicester city squad that surprisingly won the league, loosing just three matches all season.The irony of everything is Wilshere who played just 143 minutes all season as well as Henderson who missed the last ten games of the season goes ahead of him!!! Definetely a surprise.
  3. Santi Cazorla (Spain): cazorlaFine he was injured for probably the last 3-4 months of the season but Cazorla oozes class any time he plays and one would feel he would probably be in the preliminary squad to try and convince Del Bosque he is back to full fitness but unfortunately that wasn’t the case, instead he was left out entirely. I feel Spain would’ve needed his magic at the tournament but then they have stars everywhere and Cazorla would’ve made it if not for the injury he sustained.
  4. Diego Costa (Spain):  Diego-Costa-643527He is lethal, he is a finisher but then, he is a troublemaker. He troubles both on and off the field and had previously been warned because of his antics but then again, he is another to miss out due to injuries, his form though hasn’t been exceptional either.If he was playing for Brazil though, im sure he would have been at the Copa America by now but he chose Spain and his form for them hasn’t been as sweet as his form is for club and he’ll need to make that better to be a vital part of Spain’s squad in the future.
  5. Karim Benzema (France): benzemaDefinately don’t want to delve into the scandals with Valbuena which is why he has been dropped as he would have been a vital part of the French squad that everyone would love to watch.The question is can France depend on Giroud and Gignac to lead them all the way through up top? They could but none of them would’ve done it like Benzema would have. His pace, his ability to play across the line, his finishing ability will be missed by France but they would hope to give a good showing to their fans that would be watching closely.
  6. Juan Mata (Spain): mataMata hasn’t has a consistent season with Manchester United which has contributed to him being dropped but he would be pained as he was a vital member in their qualifying series buy has unfortunately been dropped at the last hurdle.Mata though would want to have his fututre sorted out with Manchester United’s new manager in order to know if he’d stay and get more playing time or move elsewhere in order to avoid this scenerio happening again.
  7. Andrea Pirlo (Italy): pirloHe is mecurial, he has had an awesome career but he has insisted time without number he hasn’t retired from the Italian National team and is still a part of it. He probably knew what he was bargaining for when he left the Italian league and went to play in the MLS and wasn’t surprised he was dropped.Whoever takes his position though would have to do a lot to replicate the mecurialness of the Italian legend.
  8. Saul (Spain): saulHe shot his name to stardom with his tantalizing performances for Atletico Madrid in the league and Champions league and got a maiden call up last month but after everything, it seemed like he did not do enough to convince Vincente Del Bosque for him to be part of the squad. His champions league final performance also didn’t help matters as he was peripheral all through the game but will be hoping to have a big future with the Spanish National team in the future as he is just 21 and already doing big things.
  9. Giovinco (Italy): giovincoAnother Italian who failed to make the cut and the reason is simple, Antonio Conte has consistently shown that if you go play in the MLS, forget about playing for the Ntational team no matter how well you are performing and Giovinco is a victim of that. At 29, the MLS shouldn’t be a destination for Giovinco, he still has that ability to be doing big things for one of the top clubs in Europe but then money rules, he is making more cheddars and doesn’t care if he is being called to the national team or not.
  10. Isco (Spain):isco Isco is one player who has failed to grow.Fast forward three years ago,Isco was tipped to dominate while at Malaga and had top clubs vying for his signature before signing for Real Madrid.By now, he should be an integral part of that team unfortunately, he’s being overshadowed by superstars and rookies.It’s painful to see the likes of Vazquez and Jese Rodriguez being called upon when Realmadrid needs to reshuffle ahead of Isco.He probably needs to change environment or stand up and he counted among the stars.Unfortunately, he won’t be going to the Euros meaning he needs to step up.
  11. Lacazette (France): Emirates Cup 2015 Arsenal v Olympique Lyonnais Emirates Stadium, Hornsey Rd, London, United Kingdom - 25 Jul 2015It was indeed a big surprise to see Lacazette being left out of the France squad for the tournament i mean, dude has done exceptionally well at Lyon and deserves to be in that squad ahead of the likes of Gignac and even probably Sissoko.Dude must now just find a way to leave the French league if he hopes to be considered.His ability to play in multiple positions is one that would’ve been key for France asides, he was closest to Ibrahimovich in the goalscorers chart for like 2-3 years now.If Lacazette needs to make a name for himself in the France squad, he needs to hurriedly leave the French league and move to probably England, Spain, Italy or even Germany.
  12. Raphael Varane (France): varaneInjury definately ruled him out as he would’ve been a vital part of France squad at the tournament.Varane is easily one of the best defenders in the world and one of the success stories of Jose Mourinho.Two champions league at 22 years of age is a testament of his ability but France will be hoping his centre back partner Laurent Koscielny will be able to stand and lead to lead the line, likely with Adil Rami as Liverpool’s Sakho has already been ruled out.
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