11 Wedding Dresses That Are Weird AF

For a bride, her wedding day is in most cases the happiest ever. She wants to not only look her best, but, also be centre of attention which with or without so much effort, she definitely will.

Now, some brides, have gone out of their way in consciously or unconsciously achieving this feat and boy, they only make us all want to rethink the entire marital journey.

Here are 11 wedding dresses weird as AF

The Jessica Rabbit Wannabe


So many women are obsessed with having the perfect boob and tiniest of waist, this bride seems to have achieved that feat but must show them off with a barely there gown covering her humongous boobs


Hold in the middel bride


There can be just one explanation for this, her wedding dress got to small, too tired to take it back to the designer, why not just put a whole in middle, viola..we have a wedding dress and a maternity gown when needed.


The flat tyres


Am not too old honey, I can still be a sexy bride with my tired boobs, I mean guys don’t really care right? As long as they are seen.


Drunk bride


Sorry guys, puked all over the top of gown on our way here. Am a virgin, I need just the right amount of motivation to get through the night, oh oh, I did it again.


Cake dress

11Who says you can’t have your cake and eat? Look I did it.


Graphic artist


Oh honey, I need to inscribe my status on my gown, people might just confuse the white girl as the bride.


Diaper bride


I have three kids already, why waste money on a gown when I can kill two birds with a  stone. Buy more diapers and use to design my gown, afterwards remove and use for the kids. People will see me as a creative genius.


The little mermaid bride


Ursula from he little mermaid is my idol, I just must honor her on my big day.


The perfect accessory bride


Oh am so happy, so freaking happy I just married the man of my dreams.


Lingerie inspired bride


My man must know just what he is getting right from the church. I doubt even Kim Kardashian can pull this off.

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