11 Crazy Signs That Shows That You’re Addicted To Snapchat

Life is more fun when you live in the moment, and that’s what snapchat brings to the table. Nevertheless, it can be so annoying when you see a ladies holding their phones up high, not saying a word but keep bending their necks with their tongues out and their hands on their heads, just crazy if you ask me.

These are the signs that shows that you’re probably addicted to snapchat or would soon be.

It’s one of the first things you check every morning. Nothing like starting your day off with some funny snaps.




You put up snap stories just to see who looks at them and probably see who likes to creep on you on a regular basis; it’s a great way to tell whether someone has their phone on them.



You check your boyfriend, girlfriend, significant other, hook-up, and crush’s score constantly. Why is their score going up?! Who are they snapping that isn’t me?! Is he cheating on me?



You make it a responsibility to check your score on a daily basis. You wonder how people have 50,000 points when you’re trudging slowly alone with your sad 3,000.

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The “it’s 4:30 AM, Anyone Up?” Snap, when you obviously know that no one is but want to give people the impression that you wake up early.


You taken a Snap selfie in public but it didn’t work out as planned, and then you try again, ignoring everyone passing by and be like, nobody knows me here, is it your Snapchat?



You have actual conversations with people through Snapchat. As in, you and whoever you’re conversing with take tons of selfies with captions.



You actually get sad when you lose your spot on someone’s Best Friends list. And then proceed to send them a billion of pointless snaps just to make your way back on there.



You’ve actually sent a nudie… once or twice. Because that’s the beauty and original purpose of Snapchat! Plus you don’t really have to worry… it would all be gone in a bit.



You make as many artsy or clever pictures as you can. The screen is your canvas! Although it’s kind of sad it only lasts for a mere ten seconds.



It’s the last thing you check every night. You even send out a few “good night” snaps. Then you go to sleep soundly, knowing your score just increased.





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