10,900 Ducks Slaughtered As Bird Flu Refuses In South Korea


Four  months after declaring that the country was free from bird flu, South Korea, has once again reported a new case of the disease.

Agriculture ministry officials in South Korea confirmed a  poultry farm in Seoul witnessed presence of bird flu in ducks after dozens of their ducks suddenly died. This prompted an investigation by the Animal and Plant Quarantine Agency on the farm.

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To curb the virus from spreading to neighboring towns, officials have set up a control posts it the area along with a 24-hour emergency monitoring system.

Reports also have it that 10,900 of the infected ducks found in Incheon, 50miles east of Seoul, have been slaughtered by health Officials.

Just two months ago, the country was hit with an outbreak of foot and mouth disease in Pigs.

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Temitope Delano

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