10 Reported Dead and Dozens Trapped in Kolkata

Picture Of Collapse Under  -construction Overpass in Kolkatta (Photo credit to Al Jazeera.com)
Picture Of Collapse Under -construction Overpass in Kolkata (Photo credit to Al Jazeera.com)

Ten reported dead and dozen trapped under rubble as an under-construction overpass collapses in the eastern city of Kolkata in India.

According to police officials, at least 10 people are feared dead and many people were still trapped under the debris though rescue operation underway, after a portion of an overpass under construction collapsed in a congested area of Kolkata.

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A Reuters news agency witness said paramedics had worked to free people from a minibus taxi that was crushed in the collapse that took place in the Girish Park area of Kolkata.

Raichand Mohta, a police officer at the scene confirmed “The condition is pathetic’’. At this moment no one has any clue how many people are trapped. Divya Gopalan reporting for Al Jazeera, Delhi said the accident occurred at a busy area. She said “Many people are raising questions about how this could have happened’’.

She reiterated that the flyover has been under construction for five years and has missed several deadlines for completion. She alludes that one of the reasons of the collapse could be lack of quality and safety control.




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