8 Dumbest Things People Have Done For Love, What’s Yours?

So many of us have done if not weird but dumb things for love and truth be told, many more will do it. It could be moving across the state or changing one’s lifestyle, it is a common thing to be blinded by emotions.

So today, we will be telling you ten of the dumbest things people have done for love.


Gay marriage

I married a lesbian even as I knew she is one, then we left the country.

Threesome crush

I had this huge crush on a girl, who became my girlfriend after we moved into the same apartment in school. Came home one day to find her having sex with two other guys. I still ended up taking her side when the boys began to trash her.

Car Thief

Stole my car a day to my birthday, came back and asked for forgiveness which I gave then continued dating him until he eventually made away with all my electronics, car and cash.

Had anal sex

He wanted to know how much I loved him by allowing anal sex, I was so gullible, I agreed to it. He left me weeks later.

No erection

I stayed with my boyfriend for three years even as he was bad in sex. His erection hardly lasted a min.


I accepted that being abuse was a form of love, whenever he tried to leave,I would be the one on my knees begging him not to, of course it came with more beating trying to stop him.


I paid al her fees, her parents medical bills and bought her a car, 5 months later, she left me for an ex-boyfriend.


Got married to the wrong person.


So guys, tell us the dumbest thing you have ever done for love.












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