10 Common Things Guys Say And What They Actually Mean

10 Common Things Guys Say And What They Actually Mean

There are a million and one articles on women being too complex and never saying how they truly feel, but not that much can be said about men.

Yes, we all know men are the simplest being on earth, but even at that, there are still some really difficult side to them. Yes, men also speak in ways you need to be extra smart to be able to decode the message.

In that spirit, here are 10 things guys say and what they really mean.

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  1. I’ll call you: For most guys, this line is like their go to phrase. In simple term; ‘am done here, never ‘gon’ call you…ehhh maybe…nah, absolutely not going to call.
  1. I accept the blame, I am sorry: translation; ‘My ears are bleeding from so much talk from you, nuff said, am done talking about this. Lets end this now and go have sex.’
  1. I Really do like you: ‘I find you very interesting and funny, I see us dating, maybe not just yet though but then again… got some free time now? lets go have sex.
  1. Its fine, I am Okay; ‘I might not be 100% okay but its something I would prefer dealing with on my own, So lets just let things be, I will definitely get over it.
  1. I don’t care: ‘it’s really obvious that this means a lot to you and truthfully it means nothing to to me. Its not like I would not love to talk about this, but we both know, you get the final say on this, so really I could care less for real.
  1. Let me give you a massage: Let’s have sex
  1. Lets talk about this later: ‘my head is about to explode, please darling, shut the hell up!
  1. I like girls who do not use makeup: Its smelly, and rubs off on me whenever I try to get intimate, not like I don’t like you wearing makeup, just don’t apply too much, just makes you look like a sad clown.
  1. Lets take a break: For months now, I have been trying to make you dump me, but, obviously you seem not to be getting the hints. This, is as close as I can come to make you finally see the light.
  1. I Love you (Not the one said while having sex) I really do see you as someone I can spend my life with. Wow, feels weird that i said it out loud, but truly, I really do love you.
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