10 Circumstances Where Lying Is Your Only Choice


Yes, I get it, lying is a sin, and should never be encouraged, but if we are going to say the truth, knowing all the myths and truth behind telling a lie, there are some situations where lying, is/could be the only option left.

Here are  circumstances where telling a lie is your only choice.

When you are about to have sex with your woman and she suddenly asks,’Honey Am I Fat’: Yes, some of you might have found yourselves in such situation and I can bet you lied your ass off. Even if the lady is as big as two buildings put together, of course, your answer would be, ‘Yes dear, you look really hot, like I love your figure, even Kim Kardashian is no match for you.

When you ignore your parents call and they later ask why you did not pick up: Even I fall in this category, what do we do we lie. The usual lie is , ‘My phone has been down all day.’ Really? So how where they able to connect your phone in the first place.

When You get to work late because you had to run an errand or overslept: Boss: Why were you late today? You: Traffic is crazy today…then you begin the history of how third mainland bridge was built. ‘I don’t know if you stay on the island, but the traffic today was the worst I have ever seen.

When you update your devices: We all are guilty of this. That question that comes at the end of a download asking if you have read and agreed to the terms, and you haven’t but still go ahead to click yes.

When you mistakenly break a glass cup and your mum asks what happened: The answer is always nothing. When she probes further, you come with a fresh lie, the cup did not shatter, it just fell down.

When your friends invite you for an outing, but you would rather stay at home: yes, there are days, all we want to do is just relax in be all day, and eat ice cream and chocolate. In this situation the answer is always, ‘so sorry guys, i have so many errands to run for my parents/boss today.

When your friends call to tell you they are finally at the meet place and you are still in bed: Yes, just dashed out of the house, will meet you up in a minute and you are about  hours away. I guess the traffic lie will come in handy here as well.

When you get a text but do not reply until hours later: this happens to most of us every other day. It could be that the person who sent the text is the least person you want to hear from, you simply lie saying, ‘Sorry, just got your text, wassup.’


Know of any other tight situation lying is the only way out, kindly let us know in the comment section.


When You just start dating a really pretty girl you are yet to have sex with and she is a bad cook: ‘Baby, is my food sweet today,’ even if it tastes like a dwarfs socks, yo reply,’Yes dear, I really love today’s meal, did you add anything new?

When You promised to send someone money and did not: Yea am sorry, the internet banking portal has been down the whole day, will try again tomorrow, or,so sorry, I have been really tied up at work, will find time to go to the bank soon.


Know of more circumstances, only a lie can save you, let us know in the comment box.




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